Okie Candle Shop Candle- Vanilla Pound Cake

Okie Candle Shop Candle- Vanilla Pound Cake

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Okie Candle Shop is a local candle shop here in Oklahoma! We have absolutely fallen in love with how amazing each scent is! These candles are sure to make your home smell so delicious you will be coming back for more! Come in store to have a free smell test! These candles make great gifts for that house warming party you may have, or a bridal shower! These are a MUST have! 

15 oz, 50 hour burn time will throw fragrance 1100 sqft based on 10 ft ceiling.

Candle Care:
1. Keep the wick trimmed to 3/16".
2. Candles should be burned until hot wax pool reaches all edges of the glass. This will insure an even burn. 
3. Do not leave burning candles unattended.
4. Jars may become hot when burning. Keep out of reach of children and pets.